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Since established in 2012, Gaatu, Inc has been a quality-oriented auto parts provider in the automotive marketplace and fully dedicated to operating our business completely ethically and responsibly. We are working on being not only a professional product provider, but also good neighbor by all means. The parts we provide do matter, but the people we have lasting relationships with matter even more.

Our responsibility is not only growing our business, but also giving back to our communities, environment, and people around us. We have three main focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility:

Customers: we are committed to provide our customers with easy, trustworthy, and enjoyable shopping experiences. We treat every customer equally with our quality products and true passion, striving to maximize values for them and establish long-term relationships. We hope all our customers enjoy every single experience they have with us and consider us as a professional, yet approachable auto parts consultant and provider who can always help them solve any issues.

Employees: Gaatu, Inc. currently has more than 100 workers. We continuously improve ourselves and strive to construct Gaatu a great and enjoyable environment to work. We are constantly in a search for embracing talented, experienced, and creative individuals. We provide competitive wages and benefits, such as health, eye, and dental insurance. We are proud of our workplace safety and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

Environment & Community: We utilize two ways to minimize our impact on the environment by deducing our consumption on energy and partnering with suppliers who share the same green-oriented philosophy with us. All our locations use energy efficient bulbs and we make sure to recycle anything allowable during the operations. We also only partner with suppliers who are operating their businesses eco-friendly. Our business’s philosophies going green are always a top priority of our business strategy.