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We provide values for both customers and businesses.

For Customers

Traditionally, auto parts manufacturers have been solely focused on product development and relied on trade-shows to reach wholesalers, distributors, and higher-tier manufacturers. However, with our service, we build connections between individual consumers and auto parts manufacturers, enabling customers to purchase auto parts directly online. With simple clicks, customers can browse and shop on our product listing website, http://www.partstime.com/, including a variety of aftermarket auto parts from engines and exterior parts to small light bulbs. Our goal is to provide consumers with a simple, fast, and professional auto parts solution. To learn more about our auto parts’ products, shop at http://www.partstime.com/and enjoy 10% Offyour entire purchase plus Free Shipping.

For Businesses

Market Analysis – We know what the customers’ needs are. With our wide assortment of products and multiple sales channels, we closely monitor the consumer trends within the auto parts industry. Therefore, we directly relay this information to our manufacturers, which helps boost sales for the manufacturers as well as keep our customers satisfied.

Automated Multi-Channel Sales – We successfully advertise our products on multiple platforms and maintain top-rated healthy seller accounts, which keep customers drawn to our products. We are continually expanding our customer base as we add more sales channels.

Inventory Management/Warehouse & Fulfillment – With our warehouse located in Milpitas, California, we take care of the inventory management for our products. This saves manufacturers space, time, and headache.

Customer Service – Customers will deal directly with us in regards to issues and concerns they experience with the products. Manufacturers will not have to deal directly with the individual customers, but will experience the benefits of their business. Serving as a liaison between customers and manufacturers, we will help manufacturers better their products by reporting any customer concerns and suggestions.

Payment/Accounting – As part of our service, we take care of all the accounting associated with the involved sales. From processing customer payments to factoring in additional transportation costs, we make the financial side of the process hassle-free for manufacturers. Manufacturers will simply receive a monthly report of the sales total and receive payment for the month’s profits.